5 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized



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1.     Marijuana is safer than any other legal or illegal drug.

No one in modern recorded history has ever died from the consumption of pure marijuana. Day in and day out people in America (and all over the world) die from consuming unhealthy food, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. yet all of these things are legal while marijuana remains illegal. Pharmaceutical drugs kill more people each year than all illegal drugs combined. Take 10 aspirin at once and see what happens.

 2.     The War on Drugs is really a war on Black and poor people.

Who are biggest drug users and dealers in America? I can guarantee they aren’t in low-income urban or rural neighborhoods. Most drugs are dealt and used in some of America’s wealthiest of neighborhoods. How so? Well the people in those wealthy communities can afford to buy more drugs than the average person; also they don’t have to worry about the constant police presence that is present in urban and low-income neighborhoods.  It has been proven that most marijuana users are white yet Black people are 4 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possessions than whites. The powers that be understand the benefit of sending poor and Black people to prison to provide cheap labor for corporations and private prisons.

 3.     Marijuana addiction is not a serious problem in America.

Think about how many people you know that went to rehab for a marijuana addiction. Still thinking? Exactly. Most marijuana users use marijuana responsibly and remain productive in society. Marijuana is also the one drug that can’t be overdosed on. Studies have shown that a person must consume almost 1,500 lbs. of marijuana to overdose. I don’t know many people that can afford 1,500lbs of marijuana more or less smoke that much in small amount of time.

4.     Prison is not a solution to drug addiction.

Even if marijuana addiction was an issue in America (which it is not), sending a person to prison gives them no help for their addiction. It has been proven that addiction is a disease. Sadly in America it seems like your income and skin color determines what kind of treatment you receive for your drug addiction. Rich drug addiction get rehab and poor drug addicts get prison. How does locking someone in an animal cage solve their addiction to drugs, which is more than likely connected to something deeper going on with that individual? Drugs should be a health issue and not a crime issue.


5.     Legalizing marijuana brings money. 

Think about how much money is spent on the enforcement of unjust marijuana laws. Extra police, high-tech prisons, planes used for spotting marijuana grows, paramilitary style equipment for drug raids, and other resources don’t come cheap. Every year America spends millions if not billions try to keep a damn plant illegal. Again this is a plant that has killed no one. Imagine how much money would be saved by the reduction of these resources. Those millions of dollars can go to schools instead of prisons. Instead of paying for extra cops we can afford to hire more teachers and pay them better. On top of the reallocation of funds used for drug enforcement, think about the revenue that marijuana could create. Marijuana and hemp was one of the biggest cash crops in early America. Even some of the early American presidents were hemp farmers. Job creation, wealth, etc. could be created from the legalization of marijuana.


At the end of the day, marijuana is just a plant. I am not here to argue that it is extremely healthy or not. Nor am I here to say that everyone should use marijuana because I don’t believe that either. My only point is to say that if someone chooses to use marijuana they should not be persecuted for it.  Fining a person or sending them to jail serves no purpose other than providing cheap labor for corporations and keeping the rich, rich and the poor, poor. It’s 2013 and it’s time for America to live up to the “freedom” it loves to boast. Stay Woke. 

About Sankofa Brown

Sankofa Brown is a nationally recognized speaker and community organizer. Follow him on Twitter @SankofaBrown. Visit https://sankofabrown.com/speaking/ for booking information.
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  2. Jeff cape says:

    I quit drinking beer


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